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In life, Peter Martino, a child of divorce, was a devoted husband and father, licensed travel agent and scout leader of a girl’s troop. He enjoyed adventures and spending time with his family and friends. At the time of his untimely demise, had been married to his wife, Carol, for 16 years, and had one child, a daughter named Laura. He was deeply knowledgeable about the outdoors and loved nature and camping. He possessed various skills such as archery and knot tying and knew a lot about movies and tv shows, especially those that were popular during the 80s. He loved sports and followed at least three of them- basketball, baseball, and tennis. He also was a bit of a nerd who enjoyed Star Trek and playing Dungeons and Dragons.

Pete also enjoyed bowling because “you never break a sweat, you do it with friends and you get to high-five all of your opponents all the time!” He also sustained a neck injury while bowling stating that he slipped, fell and hit his throat on a bowling ball.

Pete’s nickname in high school was “Injured ThroatPete and stated that while the nickname might have been given to him as a form of bullying, he actually enjoyed the nickname stating he was “all in.”

On that fateful afternoon in 1985, Pete had planned to teach his troop all about archery. He was about to review important safety rules pertaining to using a bow and arrow when one of the troop members shot him directly in the neck. Since his death, his ghost has been trapped on the grounds of the Woodstone Mansion and thus has been unable to see or watch over his family and has no idea what have been up to for the past 37 years. He is one of the two ghosts, so far, whose family is still alive. While Pete was very knowledgeable about overall outdoor safety and first aid, he recalls that he put himself in the line of danger that fateful day because his mind was still flustered by a fight he had had with his wife, Carol, earlier that day regarding her eating the rest of his donut holes.

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Pete has been a long time basketball fan and commented that three years before his death, there was a man named Michael Jordan who played for the University of North Carolina and won the NCAA championship. However, he was adamant that Jordan probably did not go on to do much else, stating that he probably ended up in finance.

Pete was on his junior high basketball team and was pretty good until he sustained a neck injury in the first game when he was hit with the ball directly at his throat. He also was hit in the neck with a basketball during a Harlem Globetrotters game.

After Sass blurts out that Pete has a crush on Alberta in front of the other ghosts in “Sam’s Mom” and seeing that Alberta may not feel the same way, Pete panics and claims that he has a girlfriend who lives in the basement with the other Cholera ghosts. After the ghosts say that they want to meet her, he goes downstairs to ask for a volunteer to be his fake girlfriend; only one ghost agrees, Nancy. Nancy is a loud-mouthed, very charismatic and opinionated ghost who immediately takes to the role of Pete’s fake girlfriend. She is so enamored with the idea of being out of the basement that she decides to stay upstairs for a while, putting Pete in a bind as he has to now spend more time with her, something he was not planning on doing. In “Jay’s SisterNancy gets upset with Pete for willingly giving up “their” room for Bela when she comes to visit. She calls Pete a push over, pointing out his constant willingness to bend over backwards to please the other ghosts while no one ever returns the favor. He never gets to pick the movie on Movie Night and is always the caboose in the massage train.

In their final confrontation, Pete explains that he gives in so readily so as to be a model for the rest of the ghosts on how to be a team player and to be less selfish. He then tells her off and impressed with his new-found courage, Nancy breaks off the fake relationship and goes back to the basement. The confident Pete then tells the rest of the ghosts that he is taking the moldy room and he doesn’t want to hear no one say anything about it.

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It quickly becomes apparent that behind their polites “Midwesterners” (as said by Pete who spent 18 years in the travel agency) façades, they are critical of everything they encounter.

In the season two premiere, “SpiesPete warns Sam and Jay to be careful with their first guests Debby and Tom. From he’s 18 years of experience in the travel agency and according to he’s feelings, he thinks that behind their polite “Midwesterners” façades the guests might pretend everything is fine and then criticize them and give them a bad review after. It won’t be long before we realize that Pete‘s first impression was true.

In “Alberta’s Podcast,Pete along with Sasappis, Trevor, and Sam are listening to a true crime podcast about the mysterious disappearance of a woman named Hailey. After Alberta and Issac enter the room, and Sam explains to Issac what a podcast is, Pete suggests that Sam start a podcast in an effort to solve Alberta’s murder. When Alberta reacts positively to Pete’s suggestion, he responds that he is always thinking of her. Embarrassed, he immediately follows up with the fact that he has other interests as well, indicating that Pete’s feelings for Alberta are still present and may in fact be growing stronger. Pete is accompanies Sam when she goes to check on Alberta and is encouraging and supportive when Alberta displays her more vulnerable side for the very first time.

Following the opening of the B&B, Pete and Sasappis have continued to room together. Each morning, Pete provides Sasappis with a cheerful wake-up call, and in “Jay’s Friends” it’s no different. He wishes him a happy 3 month anniversary, remarking that this is another beuatiful morning in eternity. Sasappis is visibly annoyed by this and encourages Pete to put his overwhelming positivity to the side. Pete is disappointed by his request, but sees this as an exciting challenge.

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Later, when Sasappis checks in with Pete, he finds him brooding by a window. Pete greets him ominously and remarks that he has adopted a sullen outlook on life as requested. When Sasappis responds that he doesn’t know what to say, Pete suggests that he must miss classic Pete and wants him to come back. However, Sasappis pleased to see this new side of Pete and thanks him for adhering to his reequest, frustrating Pete that his initial plan did not work.

Pete’s negative energy is felt throughout the house. Faced with a possibly legal battle ahead of them, Sam begs Pete for some of his positivity and can-do attitude. He refuses to help, stating that he has changed, that he is “dark” now. Looking brielfy at Sasappis, he goes on to explain that life is meaningless and full of suffering. When Sam decides that she will try to reason with the cult members so as to avoid a legal fight, Pete scoffs at the idea, sarcastically agreeing that cult members are definitely known for their ability to reason.

Pete’s sour outlook comes to a head when Sasappis finds Pete yet again staring out of another window. Pete remarks that he is looking at a “stupid sunset” and that he is definately not enjoying what so ever. Sasappis admits that he was wrong to ask Pete to change his personality. He states that all the talk about eternity as of late got him thinking that perhaps being around for 500 years has gotten to him. When he asks how Pete always stays so positive all the time, Pete acknwoleges that he hasn’t been in limbo for as long as Sasappis, and that he tries very hard to stay positive. He highlights the sunset and that while it might be repetitive, there’s always one every once in a while that is amazing.

In life, Pete owned his own business, presumably the travel agency he worked for and thus has a deep understanding of the struggles that Jay and Sam are experiencing in the first year of their new bed and breakfast business.

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Pete’s feelings for Alberta are still present and getting stronger by the day. After she advises him that it’s good to take risks every now and then because it makes life more exciting, Pete gets the courage to go in for a kiss. However, Alberta blocks him telling him that his ability to get over his anxiety is a proud moment for him and that she wants him to acknowledge that instead of seeing her rejection as a moment of defeat.

As a child, Pete was bullied often by his classmates and while his mother tried to comfort him, his father was emotionally distant and encouraged Pete to respond more aggressively to his bullies. This caused Pete distress since he did not feel comfortable doing that and grew frustrated that his father wouldn’t listen to him.

This, however, should not discourage him, for in “Alberta’s Podcast“, we learn that Pete and Alberta may actually have something important in common. He states that he too is a singer, and in life was in a barbershop quartet and recognizes Alberta’s comment about Clara’s inability to hit a high C as a “burn.”This admission of him being a singer makes this one of the more recognizable things that Alberta and Pete have in common.

Pete was married to his wife in either late Spring, Summer, or early Fall of 1971. Although the month is not specifically mentioned, he states that it was hot, in listing all the excuses his wife most likely gave for avoiding sleeping with him on their wedding night.

(Video) 'Ghosts' CBS Pete's Friend Zone at San Diego Comic Con (July 12, 2022)

Some information, mainly the ones that are relating to basketball, are from ‘March Madness w/Flower & Pete‘ and haven’t been shared in the series itself.


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