Why Linda Belcher Is One of the Best Moms on TV (2023)

Mother’s Day is the special day of the year when we celebrate the moms and maternal figures in our lives. Out of all the moms on TV, there are few that are as musical, funny, and loving as Linda Belcher (John Roberts) from Bob’s Burgers. Wife of Bob Belcher (H. Jon Benjamin) and matriarch of the Belcher family, this fun-loving mom makes life on Ocean Avenue more lively. She’s set to make her big screen debut in The Bob’s Burgers Movie later this month, but before she appears on the silver screen, let’s look at how this animated mom goes above and beyond to be the best mom for Tina (Dan Mintz), Gene (Eugene Mirman), and Louise (Kristen Schaal).

The musical mom of three is the Belcher family’s biggest cheerleader; in fact, when her son becomes a cheerleader in Season 4, Episode 20’s “Gene It On,” Linda is his biggest fan. Her enthusiasm doesn’t stop there – whether it’s Tina and her zombie fanfic writing or Louise and her schemes, you’ll find Linda in their corner fostering their interests, which all the kids have inherited from her. One of Linda’s strengths as a mom is her creativity. She thinks outside the box to solve problems and save the day, even if it’s to the detriment of the restaurant. For instance, she sells the espresso machine to send Gene to baseball camp and convinces Bob not to fix the deep fryer to send Tina to horse camp.


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Sometimes that creativity can lead to some questionable tactics. For instance, when Louise runs away to hide out with Gayle (Megan Mullally) in Season 4, Episode 19’s “The Kids Run Away,” she has Tina act as her eyes and ears to push Louise towards facing her fear of the dentist. Linda eventually pulls out the big guns and has Tina suggest Louise eat ice cream, which triggers her cavity. However, from this action, it does lead Louise to confront her fears and return to the dentist’s office for Dr. Yap (Ken Jeong) to fill her cavity.

Because she wants to protect her children and their pursuits, Linda is a fierce defender of them. When the kids write stories about their school and Mr. Frond (David Herman) doesn’t include them in the exhibit in Season 4, Episode 12’s “The Frond Files,” she advocates for their creative imaginations; Linda even steals back Gene’s confiscated keyboard from Mr. Frond’s office. She’s also tough as nails. When the town is taken over by rogue turkeys in Season 5, Episode 4’s “Dawn of the Peck,” she willingly walks into the line of fire to save her kids from the Scramble Pan, even headbutting a turkey to make herself the new alpha and lead her family to safety.

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Linda Belcher has a deep desire for her kids to like her and respect her, so much that she does what she can to look good in their eyes. However, it’s often through her vulnerability and her mistakes that makes her children admire her more. When she’s detained after public defecation in Season 11, Episode 15’s “Sheshank Redumption” she tries to make sure Tina, Gene, and Louise don’t find out, in fear of being called her a hypocrite for not following rules. In fact, it’s because she owned up to her mistakes that they respect her more.

While Linda Belcher loves all her kids equally, she has special relationships with each of them that highlight different aspects of her personality. When it comes to Tina, on the surface, the quirky teenager doesn’t seem to have much in common with her mom. In reality, they both share a confident attitude and a lively imagination; Linda creates narratives for the raccoons living in the alley, while Tina writes holiday fanfics.

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Tina also inherited Linda’s gumption to go after what she wants, which usually involves teenage boys. While many mothers would be worried about their teen daughters being boy crazy, Linda supports Tina in her craze, like when she convinces Bob to let Tina dress up like a boy and find Damon (Josh Gad) in the Season 9 premiere “Just One of the Boyz 4 Now for Now.” She sees Tina’s boy crazy as an expression of Tina’s imagination and heart as a hopeful romantic. Linda is supportive of most of the boys Tina has a crush on, but her mama bear instincts come out the moment one of them breaks her eldest daughter’s heart. When Tina gets her heart broken by Jimmy Jr. just in time for Valentine’s Day in Season 8, Episode 8’s “V for Valentine-detta,” Linda takes Tina out on the town to cheer her up, even coming up with a revenge plan for taking another girl out on a date. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her teeny Tina.

The bond between Gene Belcher and Linda Belcher is the strongest compared to the rest of the Belcher kids. They’re openly affectionate to one another, from sharing kisses to sharing food. Linda and Gene even have their own designated mother-son spa time. When that time is threatened when Linda starts attending an all-women business group in Season 11, Episode 9’s “Mommy Boy,” Gene is jealous and infiltrates the meeting to win his mom back. Linda values that special time with her son and reassures him that even though they have time apart, the love she has for him isn’t going anywhere. He’s a mama’s boy through and through.

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Another aspect of their relationship that sets them apart from the other Belchers is their love of performance. It’s clear that Gene inherited his mom’s pizazz and musical talents. They both dream of turning the restaurant into a piano bar so they can sing show tunes all day, which they do for the afternoon in Season 8, Episode 12’s “The Hurt Soccer.” She defends Gene against Courtney’s dad when he puts on his one-Gene show of “Die Hard: The Musical” in the Season 5 premiere “Work Hard or Die Trying Girl.” Linda goes and beyond to see her son’s dreams come true. For instance, after not getting a role in the local theater in Season 10, Episode 9’s “All That Gene,” she makes a deal with the producer to secure him a spot. Even when he’s down on himself for being too dramatic, she encourages him that’s what she loves most about him and that she’ll always be his No. 1 fan.

While Linda has the strongest bond with her son, she’s had more difficulties bonding with her youngest daughter, Louise, who’s a daddy’s girl. She can push a little too far in order to affirm that her children love her as much as she loves them, especially with Louise. After a fight during family game night in Season 3, Episode 10’s “Mother Daughter Laser Razor,” Linda tries to force their bond by signing the two of them up for a mother-daughter seminar. Louise openly resists going, even staging a coup and running away to laser tag. Linda isn’t afraid to fight back but confesses that she wishes her youngest daughter liked her. Linda’s vulnerability breaks through to Louise and gives her the chance to apologize and assure her mom that she does indeed like her.

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In addition to inheriting Linda’s extra long pinky toe, Louise shares Linda’s zest for life in the form of mayhem and danger. When she starts to feel insecurity about that in Season 12, Episode 17’s “Spider House Rules,” it’s Linda who reminds Louise that it’s part of what makes her Louise– Louise isn’t just a risk-taker, but also thoughtful and imaginative, traits she shares with her vivacious mother. Despite her rule-breaking tendencies, Linda strives for Louise to see the good in herself. For example, when Louise gets in-school suspension after defending someone from a bully, Linda breaks her out to reward her good deed with ice cream and reassures her how it’s worth doing good things for others. Whether it’s a pep talk or a convoluted adventure, Linda tends to step in and point Louise to being the best version of herself.

The Belcher family is one of the most wholesome families on television, and a major reason why is Linda Belcher. She champions her children’s passions, she defends their adventures even when they’re in the wrong, and she puts herself in outrageous situations so that her kids see her as the cool mom that she is. Sometimes Linda can push a little too hard for their love (or sing a little too much), but there’s nothing she wouldn’t do to assure Tina, Gene, and Louise how loved they are. Pouring out one big glass of wine for you, Linda!

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